Tippmann Challenge Canada Mirabel
August 6th and 7th 2021


Includes 2000 paintballs

When speaking about the Tippmann Challenge, Paintball Mirabel automatically comes to mind. Being an unavoidable event known everywhere around the globe since 2006 the Tippmann Challenge, here at Paintball Mirabel, has welcomed more than 20 000 participants over the years. This year's event will be the most intense edition and is limited to 600 entries. We have built the reputation of the Tippmann Challenge, by offering quality and realism for our scenarios, increased security for our participants, a friendly atmosphere on and off the field and last but not least, by paying special attention to the little details in order to offer the best paintball experience you will ever find! This year, come take part in making history for our thirteenth edition of the most awaited event in the paintball industry by enlisting now!

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The Tippmann Challenge is the second of three battles of the Aftermath series. During Tippmann Challenge, several missions will be implemented and their results will affect the course of history of the series. This year, the scenarios will be progressive, so the soldiers stay alert from the beginning to the end of the battles. Each of the armies is composed of a general and six captains. Each captain leads a company that has its own style. Choose the captain that suits you best and come and fight for him! The Aftermath series is for all styles of players, from beginners to advanced. Our series will allow you to live a unique experience that will definitely leave many lasting memories. More information about the aftermath series


Select your allegiance


GENERAL ''Chaps''
Winner 2018
Before the dismissal, of the eastern Army at the end of the 2014 season, the tension was obvious within general Ti-Brin's ranks. A captain, named Chaps, had convinced a number of eastern soldiers to an uprising against their general. Although this plan was never executed, Chaps remained strong and boundless in front of the soldiers, who supported his philosophy of creating a new army: The Rebels. At the first event of the new Aftermath 2015 series, Operation Spring Cleaning, General Chaps proved to everyone, especially to his soldiers, he is a man that keeps his word, with its overwhelming victory of 417-279 over the Union Army and its General, "Hollywood" Jobin! During the 2015 Tippmann Challenge, will General Chaps lead his troops to victory or will he admit defeat, under the pressure of this huge battle?


GENERAL ''Hollywood'' Jobin
Grand Winner 2017
The union army was previously known as the western army, during the battles in past years. General Hollywood renamed it, following the dismissal of the eastern army, thanks to a landslide victory, in the Battle of Project Orange, in 2014.

During the first event of the new 2015 aftermath series, Operation Spring Cleaning, General "Hollywood" Jobin and his army experienced some misfortune. This hardship led his army to defeat, at the hands of the rebels army and their new general ''Chaps''. After dark days and constant questioning, Hollywood got back to work, regaining control of his army and trying to ensure victory this year, by picking up where he left off at the Tippmann Challenge in 2013 and 2014. This season, Hollywood's new challenge has a name: General Chaps! Join Hollywood to help him reverse the propaganda started by General ''Chaps'' and prove to everyone why he is the most popular general!

Complete team objectives

tippmann challenge 2021

Control points

Objective Last Rations

This war makes the provision of food extremely difficult. Your army must control the different centers distributing food, indicated on the map, in order to be able to continue to feed the families of your soldiers and accumulate points. As the battle progresses, the takeover of distribution centers is worth more and more points


Electronic control boxes will be positioned on each of the six combat zones. The control of the combat zones will be recorded in minutes. Each team will have six keys that must be inserted in the boxes, in order to control the areas, from Alpha all the way to Foxtrot. It is the end of the battles, at 4:30 pm that you and your team will know if your army has achieved their goal.

Objective Fresh water

Like with the provision of food items, this war makes the provision of drinkable water just as difficult. Your army must control the different wells, indicated on the map, in order to be able to continue supplying drinkable water to the military families and accumulate points.

Objective The Embassy

The two embassies must be occupied by the ambassador of each army. Your army must escort the ambassador to the destination indicated on the map in order to succeed this mission and accumulate points.

Objective The Infirmary

Two mobile infirmaries will be set up near each combat zone in order to revive a predetermined number of soldiers eliminated or injured during battle. Your army must take control of one or both infirmaries in order to cure injured soldiers and continue the mission as soon as possible.

Gathering missions

Mission The soldier's dog tags

The soldiers fallen during battle have left their personalized dog tags behind. Once you have succeeded in retrieving the ''Dog Tags'' you must bring them back to your General who will decide to exchange them for additional assets or keep them and continue accumulating points.

Mission Military Helmets

The soldiers fallen in combat have left behind their military helmets. Once you have succeeded in retrieving the helmets you must bring them back to your General who will decide to exchange them for additional assets or keep them and continue accumulating points.

Mission Medical boxes

The recovery of the medical boxes, and their return to your headquarters, gives your army the possibility to choose 50 injured soldiers on the battle field and have them cured by the medical team so they can continue their combat without being transported to the infirmary.

Mission Stock market crash

On the battle field silver briefcases full of cash have been lost. Once you have retrieved these breifcases, and have brought them back to the general headquarters, you will be able to purchase additional assets or keep them to accumulate more points.

Rescue missions

Mission The Last Survivor

During the previous battles, two bush pilots survived combat but never left the battle field. Find your pilot and escort him to your general headquarters and your army will be given points for completing this mission!

Mission General taken hostage

Somewhere on the battle field will be a briefcase containing a code and secret location to access the general headquarters of the enemy camp. This will allow you to take the general of this army hostage and also create chaos within the enemy army. The success of this mission will offer glory to the soldier who completes it.

Even more missions and
bonus assets on site!


General Warhead

The absence of a leader within the group of mercenaries during last year's combat was extremely noticeable. This year, a mercenary stood out among all others all season long and was appointed by his peers to be the leader for the mercenaries. This leader's name is Warhead! Many have come to fear General Warhead as he has been known to always defeat his opponents by using cunning, and sometimes questionable, strategies to ensure his victory. Warhead is looking for 100 mercenaries who will fight along side him and create chaos throughout the combats in this war !


In addition to the pyrotechnic elements integrated into the scenarios in the past years, we have added even more intensity to the battles. Our team has added sound effects to the scenarios such as: military sound effects, plane noises, artillery shots, explosions and so much more to offer you an out of this world experience.


Each army will have six captains that will ensure better communication between the generals and the soldiers of both armies. In addition, captains act as mentors throughout the whole scenario to fully standardize all types of players, whether you're a rookie or even a veteran. Choose your captain!

More than 10 000$ in prizes

Like every year, we have attendance prizes that will be given to the participants attending the event. This year, in addition to the prizes given during certain missions and also by a random draw, we will also be giving certain prizes in advance for the participation during the preparation for the event.



The Friday evening party offers a taste of the atmosphere that prevails at the Tippmann Challenge. The DJ, campfire, Singers, corn squash, the Walking Dead Zombie Scenario and the duel between the two generals are there as part of the activities offered at this evening ! The start of the show will be at 19:30. An evening not to be missed, the party will be at the rendez-vous!


This year our Walking Dead scenario will be played on a large scale on Friday night starting at 8:30 pm. Three teams will be formed in which the participants will be called upon to play both the role of zombies and humans. Reserve your place now to receive the details of the scenario.

Duel of the Generals

New this year, the duel of the generals that will take place on Friday night and that will pit the two generals equipped with a Tippmann TIPX pistol. A maximum of 3 games will determine the winner. The one who will win the duel will see his army win 25 bonus points that will be awarded during the great battle of Saturday.

Contests and Challenges 2021

Inscriptions for the contests and challenges
11:30 am - Aug. 6
Contest Beginning of the Sniper Contest
1:00 pm - Aug. 6
Free Archery tag free try
on the speedball field
1:00 pm - Aug. 6
Scenario Recball at the Vietnam Field
2:30 pm - Aug. 6
Race The Warrior Circuit in the Crash
3:00 pm - Aug. 6
Scenario MagFed Scenario
4:30 pm - Aug. 6
Tournament Two on two semi-automatic in the Paintpark
6:00 pm - Aug. 6
Mission Dual of the Generals
7:30 pm - Aug. 6
Scenario Beginning of the walking dead scenario
When the sun goes down
8:30 pm - Aug. 6
Tournament TIPX Tournament: 1 on 1 in the Paintpark
4:00 pm - Aug. 7

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Campers and RV's


All participants attending the event can benefit from the camp grounds for 20$ per camp. On site, we have two camping grounds: one with and the other without a curfew. In addition, on site, we will also have a professional security guard who will ensure security and a nice friendly atmosphere between participants. You will also have access to mobile showers, bathrooms, and a fast food canteen, offering warm meals all weekend long. *Take note that all alcohol must be purchased on site and only that which has been purchased here will be accepted. In addition, no dogs will be allowed on site during the event this year.

RV owners have to contact us in advance in order to reserve their spot.
Arrival of campers and RV's From 9h00am Aug. 6

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