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Impact Proshop has qualified technicians, who offer quality service for the repair and maintenance of your paintball equipment. Our technicians have many years of experience and training, in the field of paintball, as well as in various divisions related to maintenance and repairs of paintball guns. Diverse experience in electro mecanical, pneumatic and electronics, allows our technicians to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis, when you visit the shop.

Whatever problem you are having with your paintball gear, whether you are at Paintball Mirabel on the fields, preparing for a tournament (speedball / milsim / recball) or simply that your equipmentneeds to be looked at, the Impact Proshop technicians will find a quick and simple solution to the situation.

We offer the best customer service, when it comes to selling paintball equipment! When calling our Impact pro-shop, you will speak with one of our expert paintball advisers. Our goal is to advise and support you, when choosing products or equipment, according to your playing style.

We offer over 5,000 products under one roof, enough to allow you to equip yourself from head to toe, while enjoying the benefits and constant promotions offered. We offer all the leading brands but also hold a large inventory of specialty products as well as, tactical, paramilitary, rec ball and speed ball equipment.

The passion of our Impact pro-shop employees, generates new fans of our sport every year. All our facilities are based in Canada and we employ more than 20 employees in the shop. Encourage a Canadian and Quebec business that creates jobs here!

Impact pro-shop is located in one of the biggest paintball centres in North America. We can assure the quality of our products, not only because we have confidence in our suppliers but also because our products are used on site, by our experts and our clients. Therefore, specific and immediate feedback is received. In addition, we offer a unique guarantee by repairing your equipment on site and replacing products, without having to return them to the manufacturer. Visit our Impact pro-shop guarantee section for more information.

Our products are used on Quebec land, in the various climates of this beautiful province. Therefore, this enables us to advise you of the best products, according to your region.

We have extensive knowledge of recreational type paintball markers, pump action markers and all markers with a high rate of fire such as speedball markers.

With the Impact Pro-shop being located at the heart of Paintball Mirabel's playing field, you will enjoy and benefit from a tour of the Interior and exterior fields, not to mention one of the rare official speedball fields with synthetic grass. Our field hosts the largest Canadian tournaments and we also meet and serve all types of paintball players, whether they are competitive, casual or tactical!
Don't be shy, come see us and it will be our pleasure to help you in any way we can!

Canada as a whole, especially the regions in Eastern Canada, undergo abrupt temperature changes during the year. Members of our centre play paintball in winter as well as in summer. That being said, we can precisely inform you about the markers, with properties and components, that are compatible with our four seasons.

We have been repairing your paintball markers and products, in our pro-shop for over 20 years. In the paintball industry and throughout Canada, we offer an unmatched warranty for paintball markers.