The MK3 pilot project was established in April 2013 to meet the needs of operators Milsim Quebec. Officially this year, our center opens its doors to we a new concept: Tactics Mk3 Division.

In order to offer you the best of our services in the tactical field, our Milsim veteran , Tristan "Merc" Mercier, will be in charge of this new Tactical Division. A historian by training, he developed scenarios extraordinary and immersive. It also accounts for more than 7 years of experience in the Canadian armed forces in the infantry and psychological operations. He will be ready to share its experience to make you live a military immersion like none other.

In addition to official events, Tactics Mk3 Division also sponsors the famous Raven Corporation event tking place in two weeks.

In addition, the Tactical Division MK3 opens an Airsoft evening program offering the same play structure, service and experience that makes Paintball Mirabel leader in North America.

Finally, we offer you: support to Milsim teams for training and recruitment, quality events and unparalleled experience like never before.

Follow MK3 page to see all the missions of the 2014 season!