The preparations are going well

On the Monday following Tippmann Challenge 2012, on my return to the office, I immediately looked at what could make it even more real for a change in scenario for the Tippmann Challenge 2013. 

In addition to all the accessories of the game we already have, we designed explosive targets which, when achieved, will automatically destroy enemy HQ, causing the elimination of each of the players that are within it.

In addition, because we are sensitive to the environment, we added to the scenario a water supply mission that must be accomplished to help survivability in countries affected by drought.

To add to the ambiance, I decided to add sound equipment during the fighting on woodland areas.

As every year, our goal is to launch a new site in conjunction with the event. This year you have the chance to inaugurate the Vietnam Village.

Finally, at the base of this event, the most important for me and my team is to make the most comfortable and enjoyable paintball experience possible by providing quality balls, transport shuttles, an addition of air compressors stations, impeccable playgrounds and more.

On my own behalf and that of the hundred employees with whom I have the pleasure to work with on this event, I wish you a good Tippmann Challenge 2013!


Hugo Bigras