The community

When you are a Paintball enthusiast it is natural to instantly think of the team at Paintball Mirabel. On the lookout for new developments in the field, we host the most popular paintball events in Canada. Our team has a specific mission: to make sure every player’s experience on our fields is intense and unforgettable, whether they are members or beginners, they share the same passion: Paintball.

Since 1991, we have been the leaders in the paintball industry, in North America. The starting point to our success is clearly our staff. They are above all, passionate about the growing sport of paintball and their main goal is to ensure that each player on our fields has the most realistic and intense experience possible, all while receiving a more personalized service.

With over 20 000 members with different playing styles and levels, we host the largest variety of paintball events in Canada. Whether you are a player who practices Milsim, Speedball, Recball, MagFed, Pump, Pistol, BigGame events or Airsoft, we will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for, when you visit our centre or you simply come to the Pro-shop for advice or perhaps to browse the largest inventory in Canada.

Want to join our community? Participate in one of our Big Game events as guest player and see why we offer the best experience in the Paintball industry throughout Canada.