2015, 25th Anniversary

Led by passionate paintball players for 25 years now, Paintball Mirabel has succeeded, over

the years, in simplifying the experience so that all paintball enthusiasts can

enjoy a fun-filled day. 100% pleasure and an intense paintball experience, leaving

imperishable memories are guaranteed.

Our fields are equipped with increasingly realistic and solid structures, designed to please

all types of players. In addition, we have put in place diverse missions, worthy of the best action movies, to make your experience even more intense, in summer as well as in winter!

Whether the fields are replicas of movies or video games, they are constantly

modified and improved, in order to provide continuous innovation, even for regular players.

Not only does the indoor field cover more than 20 000 square feet, but it is also split on three floors, allowing the players to have a more realistic experience, when completing their missions.

We also have a quality team that makes all the difference. Our staff are professional, dynamic and most of all, game masters.

Our referees are experienced animators, filled with a contagious passion for the sport, making your day memorable and the games intense.

Our sales representatives and administration team, are relentlessly working hard to guarantee a simple and easy experience when organizing.

They also take time to ensure that everything is prepared for your event, from the start of your day until your return home.

Over the years we have managed to effectively meet the needs of a diverse clientele made up of companies, social groups, sports teams, bachelor parties and birthday parties.

All those who have visited our centre will agree that their experience helped solidify the relationships between the members of their group.

Whether you are in groups of two or 40 players, we know how to adapt our organization and game scenarios to offer the same intense adrenaline rush for all.

Everything a paintball player is looking for, we have it! Whether you are a recreational,

casual, military or speed ball player, at Paintball Mirabel you will surely find a quality event that will be well suited to your playing style.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have a special rewards program for all our organizers.

This reward program is the simplest and most compensating in the business! When organizing a group of ten

players or more for a full day, you will receive a bonus card offered by Paintball Mirabel.

This Bonus card offers up to 20% of the total value of your group's expenses during the day, applied to a gift card that the organizer can spend

on items and services offered by Paintball Mirabel. Visit the

''BOOK NOW'' section of our website for more details.

Over the years, we have become the Canadian leader in paintball activities, due to

the rapid development of our large-scale events, such as the Tippmann Challenge. This event alone,

attracts more than 1500 participants every year. In addition, we have also launched our Aftermath series as well as our ''MK3'' military simulation division.

We also host monthly Speed ball tournaments, including those of the CXBL.


Our Impact Pro-shop is also the leader in sales in Quebec, when it comes to paintball equipment, holding over 5000 products in inventory and on our easy to use online store.

In addition, our sales representatives are also certified technicians by companies such as,

Tippmann, Dye, Tiberius, Eclipse, Ninja and Empire.


Being young and motivated leaders of Paintball Mirabel, we still have many future projects in the making

that will be realized within the years to come. We are extremely confident about the future

and development of the company, thanks to the presence of their passionate employees,

without which the development of the centre would definitely not have been the same.