Tippmann challenge 10th anniversary

This year, for the 10th anniversary of the Tippmann Challenge, which will take place on August 14th and 15th, we have added elements to our winning formula which has been incredibly successful since 2006.

As you already know, the Tippmann Challenge will begin on Thursday, August 13 with the arrival of campers and motorists from across Canada and the United States. Year after year, we are always impressed by the number of campers arriving on Thursday night in preparation for the event.

The Battle of the Tippmann Challenge is the second round of the Aftermath series. This new series of events created by Paintball Mirabel was though following the departure of General Ti-Brin after seven years as head of the Army of the East. Through this series, two armies compete for the territory of Paintball Mirabel. Steve's "Hollywood" Jobin's army has been renamed the Union Army, and now bears the yellow color. His new challenger for the years to come is called General Chaps, head of the Rebels Army, defined by the red color. Especially for the Tippmann Challenge, an army of one hundred Mercenaries will oppose each of the two armies, and, who knows, an alliance may be created ...

With the experience of recent years, we have concluded that players on the field, especially new players, would benefit from the presence of captains in each of the armies. That is why we have created the Aftermath series, through which there are six captains per army. Each of the captains will have a defined sector and specific missions to accomplish, and will pass the orders of his general to the soldiers of his company.


You will also have the chance to play alongside, or against, world reknown player Greg Hastings!