Our indoor field

Paintball Mirabel, it’s also indoor paintball! Live the ultimate experience played indoor on our 15,000 square feet field for an unrivalled immersive game!

You will find underground passages, two story and three story high constructions linked with multiple bridges and walkways. This year, we added sound effects, sets of light, more bridges and a crashed plane centerpiece allowing new scenarios where a team needs to rescue a captured pilot. Those new possibilities make interior paintball even more thrilling and intense!

With the PPI pass, you can access our indoor field but you can also get the chance to play for 4 hours on the hottest outdoor field such as La Ville and Crash. Not including paintballs and additional options, PPI pass combined with a package includes everything you need to experience the utter most exciting immersive game played on the best fields ever created in North America. PPI is valid from December 1st 2014 to March 31st 2015.

With us, it's paintball all year long!