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Tippmann Challenge check list


On the road towards our Tippmann Challenge at Paintball Mirabel in the Montreal area: How to prepare. Paintball and Camping: In order to fully enjoy all the activities of the Tippmann Challenge, many participants arrive on site as of Thursday evening to set up camp. Camping is included in the price of your registration to the event. Below you will find a list of tips and equipment we suggest, in order to enhance your experience: Bring a tent and waterproof shield to cover the tent For the owners of motor homes, it is possible to arrive earlier during the week in order to set up and reserve your spot. (First come first served) Bring towels, our outdoor showers will be at your disposal. Prepare the necessary ingredients for your meals, including a mobile cooking device for your food. Please note that our Snack Bar is open on Friday. Prepare bug spray and sun screen. Bring flashlights and/or head lamps. On site we will have the necessary equipment to start a fire. Bring water bottles. Bring camping chairs for the Friday night’s show. Bring a lock for the lockers at your disposal, if you choose to store your valuable items. (Limited quantity of lockers available) Electricity will not be provided on the camping sites; however personal generators will be accepted. The camping grounds available are as follows; P2 Parking will be the campground with a 12:00pm curfew. P3 Parking will be the campground without a curfew. **There will also be a shuttle service available between 6 am and 11 pm. Please note that only alcohol sold at our snack bar and consumed on our terrace is accepted. Any other alcohol and / or drugs are prohibited on the site. All those who do not respect this request will be asked to leave the site. Your Paintball Equipment: We strongly suggest that all participants prepare their paintball equipment a minimum of seven days before the event, by making an appointment at the nearest Pro-Shop to your home. Here are a few things we suggest you double-check is fully functional on your equipment if you should decide to check it yourself: - If your paintball marker is electronic, prepare extra batteries. - If your mask is damaged or scratched, we strongly suggest buying an extra lens. - Be sure to have a mask that is compliant to the rules that have been set by our management staff. - Be sure to have microfiber cloths to clean the lens on your paintball mask. - Be sure to have an air tank that is adequate and can supply air to your marker. - For a quick tune up on your marker, be sure to have the necessary grease and lubricants available. - To ensure the maximum performance and precision of your barrel, make sure to have a barrel maid handy at all times.                   - Only barrel plugs made of fabric or plastic and are connected to your marker by an elastic band, will be accepted on our fields. All barrel plugs must be approved by our management staff.   - Be sure to bring a camouflage suit that is breathable. - Be sure to bring boots or shoes that have good support for your ankles. - Packing extra batteries for your communication devices is highly recommended - Be sure to have extra batteries for all devices such as ‘’Scopes’’ ‘’ Red Dots’’ ‘’Holosights’’ and ‘’lasers’’. Please note that only the Paint balls, grenades and smoke bombs bought directly at Paintball Mirabel will be accepted on our fields. Inscriptions: In order to avoid long lineups on Saturday morning, you may register on spot from 11 am until 8 pm, on Friday August 9th 2019. For all participants who have not registered or reserved their spot in advance, you will only have access to two registration counters out of ten available. Please note, the earlier your registration is made online, the more you save on the entrance fee! Buy your ticket online now!

Paintball Teambuilding Activity


Paintball is known for being an adrenaline filled activity, but it does not stop shooting at paintballs. We create customized teambuilding activity according to your objectives and adapt them to your group. Founded in 1991 by a passionate adrenaline team, Paintball Mirabel has never stopped its conquest of innovation and novelty. Our team of experienced animators will guide you through scenarios that will stimulate cooperation among your team members. The shared goal of a united and committed group is making decisions that will ensure survival and success! To achieve a common goal, the members of each team must be aware of the situation and position of their teammates. This is the best way to make decisions that will ensure player survival and team victory. Our activities are perfectly adapted to promote co-operation as well as collaboration between colleagues in order to take advantage of each other's strengths. Fun and interactive, team building emphasizes winning behaviors. Create a healthy team dynamic by simulating exchange situations, demonstrating the real benefits of a united and engaged group. Main objectives of our team building activities: Protect a member of your organization first to win scenarios. Progress in fields where the objective will be to succeed in bringing the greatest number of playerspossible in a targeted building. Succeed together to take the opposing flag and bring it back to your headquarters. Main objectives of our team building activities: Building productive teams Increasing motivation Optimizing teamwork Appreciating differences Getting to know each other Promoting effective delegation Improving communication  Create a sense of belonging Create positive energy within the company Identify the strengths of each person on the team   The best place for your group outing Located only 25 minutes from Montreal, Paintball Mirabel is more than just a playground: we are the largest multi-adventure center in Canada! If you are looking for a fun physical activity to entertain and unify your team, the Paintball Mirabel Multi Adventure Center activities take place in a safe environment with the perfect backdrop to make your event day simply unforgettable. Enjoy our spectacular courses to change the routine and have fun with your colleagues. Discover more than 7 million square feet of scenery 33 themed terrains Huge synthetic terrain 2 hebertism courses with a multitude of obstacles Giant indoor dome that can accommodate multiple groups simultaneously. Come live the experience and discover an incomparable atmosphere!

Mirabel Open, an event for all!


The Mirabel Open is a new concept that was set up in 2009 by our event department. This concept is unique because it offers you the possibility to play on our top 10 fields. Whether you're a beginner at paintball or an experienced player who wants the most realistic experience, our new concept for the “Mirabel Open” events is adapted for all types of players. In addition, during our Mirabel Open events, participants benefit from Paintball Mirabel members' rates for the purchase of paintballs. To create a festive atmosphere throughout the day, we will have a DJ on site to animate the event. He will also be hosting Archery Tag and Mousseball sessions for our young guests, free of charge. For the Speedball enthusiasts, you are welcome to sit and watch the Speedball competition brought to you by our MIPL league. The "Mirabel Open" events are created with a different game layout in order to offer our guests a full day of Paintball with various game scenarios. Here are the four choices of scenarios which you can choose from, at any time during the day: Mission #1: Mirabel Open Choose to take part in a mission on one of the 10 best fields available. From 9am to 4:30pm a new game will begin every 30 minutes, on each field. Mission #2: The Escape of Rebel Leader "WarHead" Will the Rebel army manage to safely escort their leader throughout the war zone? Mission # 2 is an evolving scenario which puts the Rebel Leader "WarHead" in the spotlight as the main actor for each mission throughout the day. Players must meet at the following fields if they wish to play a part in the outcome of this story: 9:30am Crash – 10:30am The City – 11:30am Dunes – 2pm Vietnam – 3pm Shack - 4pm Battle of Normandy.Only the 60 first soldiers to arrive at each of the fields before a mission will be able to participate in this scenario. Mission #3: Operation Red Star Will the overthrown President Anh Dũng be able to take back control of his small Vietnamese Village from the Dictator Phương Nam?Mission #3 is a 'Sudden Death' scenario that will last 90 minutes. It is a large scale scenario which you can play a part in determining the outcome! Will you choose to liberate the village or reinforce the army of the Dictator Phương Nam? Only the 120 first soldiers to present themselves at the rendezvous point (crashed helicopter near the dome) at 9:45 am will be able to participate in this mission which will take place in the Vietnam and it’s surrounding fields. Mission #4: Operation Phoenix Will you help Secret Services capture the fugitive and his supporters, who have a device in their possession that can destroy the private life of all of earth's inhabitants? Mission #4 is a 'Sudden Death' scenario that will last 90 minutes. It is a large scale scenario which you can play a part in determining the outcome! Only the 120 first soldiers to present themselves at the rendezvous point (crashed helicopter near the dome) at 1:15pm will be able to participate in this mission that will take place in the Castle and surrounding fields. Maximize your experience throughout the "Mirabel Open"    

Live the ''Défi des entreprises''


Did you know that paintball is one of the most effective business activities to reunify and strengthen links within a group of coworkers. > Evaluate your group right now All businesses have one common goal: to achieve group objectives identified by leaders and visionaries of the company. Our program, custom made by our animator / trainer team has several advantages that are beneficial for any business wishing to improve relations between employees and thus face the reality of the markets in which demanding work is required to compete. Learn more about your employees and come out ahead with our Corporate Challenge program! COOPERATION IS KEY The experience of a paintball game will challenge you! A successful mission can only be achieved by teamwork. Like a real life challenge, cooperation is key and gives your team a major advantage. Paintball is the ideal activity for a group to work on team building as a business activity. PROFITABLE IN EVERY WAY You can use this activity as a business expense. Benefit from the bonds created between your staff members. Here's what our Corporate Challenge program offers on a full day with us: Specialized Team Building trainers  A complete basic skills repport of each participantof the group Access to all playgrounds Immersive storyline designed to exploit the forces of each participant in the group All play equipment included in the full day pass Game accessories included such as: tanks, sound effects, pyrotechnics, etc... Full meal Souvenir photos Many leading companies such as Canadian Tire, Bombardier, Home Depot, Ericsson, Paccar, St-Hubert Restaurant, Molson and more participated in the Corporate Challenge program! Take a minute to contact our representative for more in depth information.Find the exact price for your group and receive freebies! 

Paintball Boxing Day Challenge


Boxing Day, held by our Impact Pro-shop, is the event of the year where clients find the best discounts on the purchase of paintball equipment. It’s the best time to get equipped with a new Lapco Paintball Barrel to install on your Tippmann Paintball Marker or change your old mask for a new Dye I4 Paintball Mask, a V-Force Grill ”GI Logo” mask or even a Virtue Vio Paintball Mask. This year, our Paintball Boxing Day will be even more exciting, with the addition of the Boxing Day Challenge, an auction open to all clients on spot.   Itinerary for the Boxing Day event Seeing as last year was a recipe for success, once again this year, three different options will be offered to facilitate your boxing day shopping: – On site as of 7 am on December 26th. This option is ideal, especially if you would like to see what the items look like before purchasing them. You will have priority on the choice of items until noon, by shopping on site, December 26 th. In Addition, we will also be hosting our very own auction, The Boxing Day Challenge, which will be hosted by our finest team of animators. Twenty items from our Impact Pro-Shop will be chosen and sold at our auction and we will also be offering coffee and donuts for our guests! Come and enjoy all we have to offer, in addition to the amazing rebates! – By Phone, toll-free at 1-800-551-5389 as of noon, December 26th. This option allows you to purchase your desired items, from wherever you are! – Online via our website. Our prices have been modified, to match the same rebates offered to clients who shop on site! This option allows you to purchase your desired items, from the comfort of your own home!   GET EQUIPPED LIKE A PRO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR ACCORD D FINANCING! This year, opt for Accord D financing. Offered to you with three different financing options, ranging from three to twelve months without interest*. See our Accord D financing section now. * Some conditions apply. Contact our Credit Manager at Impact Proshop at 450-660-6687   HERE IS THE ITINERARY FOR THE BOXING DAY EVENT! December 26th : 6:00 am: Distribution of ticket #’s8:00 am: Official opening of the event!8:30 am: Opening of the Boxing day Challenge auction10:00 am: Opening of the impact Proshop (Upstairs)12:00 am: Opening of over the phone purchasing. (1-800-551-5389)12:00 am: Opening of online purchasing.5:00 pm: Closing of day one of the two day boxing day event! December 27th :  9:00 am: Distribution of ticket’s #10:00 am: Opening of the impact Proshop (Upstairs)12:00 am: Opening of over the phone and online purchasing. (1-800-551-5389)20:00 pm: Closing of the Boxing Day event! Visit us on our FACEBOOK page, to get a taste of the specials that will be offered to you ! Items on special Rebates up to 80% off will be offered on paintball equipment sales from many known brands of paintball products such as : Tippmann, BT, Dye Precision, Eclipse, Condor, Milsig, Tactical A1, JT, Sly, Valken, Tru-Spec, GI Sportz, Tactical 82, Proto, Impact Tactical and much more.   In addition, we offer an additionnal 5% discount to the advertised discounts to all our member's! Memberships on sale !!! It's time to save big !! One year memberships will be on sale at 50.00$ + taxes, instead of regular price at 150.00$ + taxes. Platinum memberships will be at 100.00$ + taxes, instead of regular price at 450.00$ + taxes. Once you become a member at Paintball Mirabel, many privileges are offered to you. This is the most in demand product of the year! We would like to take a moment to wish you happy holidays!

This winter, come and play Paintball!


Paintball during the winter season at Paintball Mirabel? Yes it's possible! Did you know our centre is equipped with an indoor playing field that covers over 15,000 square feet? It is equipped with two-storey buildings with bridges connecting each building, ground-level bunkers, storage containers and much more. On this field our animators like to use scenarios found in the most popular video games. From December 1st, 2018 to February 28th, 2019 our team will be glad to welcome you and offer you a unique and memorable experience! Come visit us for an action-filled experience at Paintball Mirabel. On our most beautiful outdoor fields, participants will have the chance to follow trails that are partially cleared or adventure onto more rugged terrain. Thus, offering a completely different gaming experience in a breathtaking setting! Check out our Paintball packages here.   Between December 1st and February 28th 2019, it is also possible to book a Low-Impact Paintball or Mousseball activity. Visit the website for our Mouseball activity here. For all questions regarding the Low-Impact paintball activity, click on the following link. In order to offer you a more complete experience, a reservation must be made 48 hours before the date of the activity and must be completed with a payment for a minimum of 10 participants, to hold your spot. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-551-5389 or by email at  

2015, 25th Anniversary


Led by passionate paintball players for 25 years now, Paintball Mirabel has succeeded, over the years, in simplifying the experience so that all paintball enthusiasts can enjoy a fun-filled day. 100% pleasure and an intense paintball experience, leaving imperishable memories are guaranteed. Our fields are equipped with increasingly realistic and solid structures, designed to please all types of players. In addition, we have put in place diverse missions, worthy of the best action movies, to make your experience even more intense, in summer as well as in winter! Whether the fields are replicas of movies or video games, they are constantly modified and improved, in order to provide continuous innovation, even for regular players. Not only does the indoor field cover more than 20 000 square feet, but it is also split on three floors, allowing the players to have a more realistic experience, when completing their missions. We also have a quality team that makes all the difference. Our staff are professional, dynamic and most of all, game masters. Our referees are experienced animators, filled with a contagious passion for the sport, making your day memorable and the games intense. Our sales representatives and administration team, are relentlessly working hard to guarantee a simple and easy experience when organizing. They also take time to ensure that everything is prepared for your event, from the start of your day until your return home. Over the years we have managed to effectively meet the needs of a diverse clientele made up of companies, social groups, sports teams, bachelor parties and birthday parties. All those who have visited our centre will agree that their experience helped solidify the relationships between the members of their group. Whether you are in groups of two or 40 players, we know how to adapt our organization and game scenarios to offer the same intense adrenaline rush for all. Everything a paintball player is looking for, we have it! Whether you are a recreational, casual, military or speed ball player, at Paintball Mirabel you will surely find a quality event that will be well suited to your playing style. To celebrate our 25th anniversary, we have a special rewards program for all our organizers. This reward program is the simplest and most compensating in the business! When organizing a group of ten players or more for a full day, you will receive a bonus card offered by Paintball Mirabel. This Bonus card offers up to 20% of the total value of your group's expenses during the day, applied to a gift card that the organizer can spend on items and services offered by Paintball Mirabel. Visit the ''BOOK NOW'' section of our website for more details. Over the years, we have become the Canadian leader in paintball activities, due to the rapid development of our large-scale events, such as the Tippmann Challenge. This event alone, attracts more than 1500 participants every year. In addition, we have also launched our Aftermath series as well as our ''MK3'' military simulation division. We also host monthly Speed ball tournaments, including those of the CXBL.   Our Impact Pro-shop is also the leader in sales in Quebec, when it comes to paintball equipment, holding over 5000 products in inventory and on our easy to use online store. In addition, our sales representatives are also certified technicians by companies such as, Tippmann, Dye, Tiberius, Eclipse, Ninja and Empire.   Being young and motivated leaders of Paintball Mirabel, we still have many future projects in the making that will be realized within the years to come. We are extremely confident about the future and development of the company, thanks to the presence of their passionate employees, without which the development of the centre would definitely not have been the same.      

Tippmann challenge 10th anniversary


This year, for the 10th anniversary of the Tippmann Challenge, which will take place on August 14th and 15th, we have added elements to our winning formula which has been incredibly successful since 2006. As you already know, the Tippmann Challenge will begin on Thursday, August 13 with the arrival of campers and motorists from across Canada and the United States. Year after year, we are always impressed by the number of campers arriving on Thursday night in preparation for the event. The Battle of the Tippmann Challenge is the second round of the Aftermath series. This new series of events created by Paintball Mirabel was though following the departure of General Ti-Brin after seven years as head of the Army of the East. Through this series, two armies compete for the territory of Paintball Mirabel. Steve's "Hollywood" Jobin's army has been renamed the Union Army, and now bears the yellow color. His new challenger for the years to come is called General Chaps, head of the Rebels Army, defined by the red color. Especially for the Tippmann Challenge, an army of one hundred Mercenaries will oppose each of the two armies, and, who knows, an alliance may be created ... With the experience of recent years, we have concluded that players on the field, especially new players, would benefit from the presence of captains in each of the armies. That is why we have created the Aftermath series, through which there are six captains per army. Each of the captains will have a defined sector and specific missions to accomplish, and will pass the orders of his general to the soldiers of his company.   You will also have the chance to play alongside, or against, world reknown player Greg Hastings!

Tippmann Challenge 2013: Success!


Upon our arrival, Thursday morning on August 8th, to complete last minute preparations surrounding the event, we could feel the excitement brewing in all of our employees. Throughout our preparations, we could feel the anticipation growing in the campers who were already set up for the weekend. It was late Thursday night when we left the site, leaving behind a hundred campers who take advantage of this event as a seasonal vacation and who were prepared for the traditional Friday of the Tippmann Challenge. It is Friday at midday, when inscriptions officially opened, that we realized we were going to have a record setting number of participants. At this point, more than 300 participants were standing in line before the registration counters. We knew the record would be broken because of the staggering amount of pre-registrations, campers already on site, and the buzz surrounding this event. This year, as sponsors, we had Vitamin Water, who handed out several hundred beverages; an animator from CKOI; Videotron; Microplay, who brought several game consoles where all 'gamers' could play; and the Canadian Forces, who showed up in an impressive convoy which included a vehicle named "The 5 Ton Truck" in military jargon. Throughout the day there were many contests and events like: the warriors course, the elite sniper, the 2vs2 tournament, scenario games, and the MKS Milsim "Zombie" event. To close off this opening day, we had a performance from the French comedian Cathy Gauthier. It was in the calm of night that campers returned to their tents to prepare and strategize for Saturday's Challenge. When the site opened, Saturday morning at 5 am, we passed through several hundred campers and realized how calm and quite everything was; a sure sign that all our participants would be rested and ready. There was around a hundred participants waiting for the registration counters to open and, at this time, the entrances of our sponsors were being noticed. Between 5 and 9 am, we could sense the increasing energy of all our participants who were putting the final touches on their preparations before the start of the event. This year, we have installed an ultra rapid air refill station allowing up to 16 participants to refill air canisters of up to 4500 psi at the same time. At 9 o'clock, the sound of a trumpet could be heard leading the convoy entrance of our generals who were being transported in our very own military 6 wheel two ton trucks. It was very impressive to see 1'500 participants, gun in hand, ready for the Tippmann Challenge as they received the security briefings. It is at 9:45 that the event was officially started by the impressive firework explosion provided by the company PureFX. Following this the East army, the West army, and the Mercenaries, made their ways to their respective starting points. At 10:01, the event was on and it was only a few minutes later that the first signs of battle were heard on the fields of "Boise 2" and "Battle of Normandy". Both front line battles occurred near each of the Mercenary camps which fell to the attacking armies by 10:40. Each secret box hidden in the camps were retrieved, one by each army. During this time, the East army starting taking the lead by completing several Ambassador missions. The East army was also the first to fill their Water Barrel objective, bringing them an extra 25 points and increasing their lead. All throughout the first half, the flag station battle remained equal between the two armies. It is at 12:05 that the West army accomplished a massive advance towards the East Army headquarters, granting the West considerable control over the playing field and allowing them to reduce the gap in points between the two armies. At 12:27, the West army successfully gained control of the East army headquarters causing a truce 3 minutes before it was scheduled. After the first half, the points were 112 for the East army and 81 for the West army. During the lunch hour, our very own DJ Mathieu provided the entertainment for everyone. Many prizes were distributed and many pictures were taken by both our photography team and that of Blue's Crew; the American paintball team who we had the honor of hosting during this event. Along with Blue's Crew, we had participants from France, USA, eastern Canada, Western Canada, and all over Quebec. It was with great pleasure that the representatives from Tippmann and PBL Action Sport answered questions and repaired equipment that all these participants brought to their booths. It was at 2 pm that the second, and final, half of this event began. Off the start, the re-spawned military camps were bombarded and both succumbed to their attackers in the first 10 minutes. According to our sources, the West army changed their strategy by instating a new ambassador. This warrior completed his mission 3 times while the East army only completed it once. Furthermore, the West army also accomplished their Water Barrel mission. During this half, we sensed unity and strength in the soldiers of the West army which allowed them to rapidly advance towards the East army headquarters. This caused the East army to only control a minimal amount of flag stations throughout the second half. At 4:29, much like during the first half, the West army which was led by General Steve Jobin, took possession of the East army headquarters. This caused the end of all hostilities. It was with corn in hand that, during the prize ceremony at 6 pm, participants were informed of the final score which took into account each armies collection of hidden dog tags, military helmets, and medical boxes. The points were 205 for the West army and 147 for the East army. Several special mentions and awards were handed out during this ceremony. The one that we found most surprising was the Veteran award, given to the oldest participant, who was 74 years old. Paintball Mirabel and Impact Proshop would like to thank all their employees, sponsors, and participants that were present during this event and took part in it's being such a huge success. We hope to see you all again next year on August 8 and 9, 2014.