The most immersive tactical combat simulation.

MILSIM ( from Military Simulation ) is the recreational practice of simulated tactical combat scenarios under the most realistic conditions possible. The Milsim events, commonly called OPERATIONS, depict players called OPERATORS trained and organized in teams and operating in a paramilitary style.

Operations can last from 6 to 12 hours on average but can be much longer. Each operation is preceded by a series of briefings to put operators in a realistic and immersive tactical operation context while following very specific set of regulations. Operations traditionally showcase a group of INTERVENTION or BLUEFOR leading missions and a smaller group often called OPFOR, the Enemy Force, which aims to prevent BLUEFOR to achieve its objectives. In some more advanced scenarios, you will also find other non-miliary groups like civilians, insurgents, local police forces, etc. that are known as COEFOR .

MILSIM paintball near Montreal

In terms of Milsim , Quebec is one of the most advanced parts of Canada and even the United States, the tactical discipline has been around for over 10 years and have set the example to many followers in Europe and Latin America in terms of tactical operation simulation and regulations. Quebec currently has a regular Milsim planner and dozens of teams in place.

Since April 2013, one of the organizations at the forefront of Milsim is certainly MK3 MILSIM. Created and led by veteran and active military Milsim since 2007, MERC. Mk3 Milsim has become a real asset to our paintball center the impressive fields of Paintball Mirabel. In addition to main operations events occuring every 2-3 weeks, Mk3 also offers tactical training with his COMBAT SCHOOL. Raven Open operations are open to all and directed by the Raven Corp.

With an ever growing pool of players, Mk3 Milsim pushes the boundaries of tactical simulation each time and innovates with ever more complex and demanding situations using real military procedures.

Mk3 Milsim is for the toughest, the passionates and it is the place to prove your value on the battlefield!