Paintball Mirabel's history



Since 1991, three people passionate about paintball, with their love for the sport driving them, decided to open their own paintball playing field. They worked extremely hard to build two playing fields, on a land that they rented to have fun. They decided to buy a small truck to store their equipment and use as a service counter. They also bought 20 full sets of equipment to rent out, especially for their friends.


In 1993, the adventure began and they decide to buy the necessary land. They decided to open to the public under the name " Operation survie paintball". At that time, a third playing field was built as well as a sheltered picnic area for the future clients. Most of our customers were small groups, friends and people who loved the sport.

1993 to 1996

From one year to another, two new playing fields are developed. The goal was to push the experience to new levels. It was in 1996, that Paintball Mirabel was born from the ashes of operation survie paintball. We bought another playing field and decided to create a more realistic look and feeling for our customers. Building other playing fields like our favorites: Le village, La forteresse, La palissade and Le desert.

1997 to 1999

The territory of Paintball Mirabel is increasing more and more. Every year there are new playing fields being developed and new accomodations are built to fit the growing demand. To beat the competition, we use a vital tool, the reality of our playing fields: Le village, La forteresse, La palissade and Le nil are inspired with real buildings, military equipment and vehicles. Playing with rope in the forest is all in the past, welcome to the future of paintball!

2000 to 2003

Paintball Mirabel will always remember this year, taking into consideration the opening of their own paintball site and the most realistic playing field in the buisness, "La ville urbaine". At this moment Paintball Mirabel is placing itself in a position to hold the title of becoming the #1 paintball center in Quebec. In addition, a little boutique for sale and rental of equipment and the development of new playing fields allow us to offer more to our clients.

2004 to 2006

With the growing demand at a surprising speed, it was time for Paintball Mirabel to make ourselves known in the ranks of best paintball center. We built 2 domes, one to welcome our growing and faithfull clientelle and the other to hold interior games to accomodate the demand for winter games. One part of the dome is also converted into offices. A fourth passionate partner is added to the team, marking the discovery of a gold mine, for paintball equipment. The name given to this glorious place was Impact Pro Shop. No longer belonging to paintball mirabel, this pro-shop has done wonders for our clients. Later on, the developpment of a playing field with synthetic grass, for competitions, is built to adapt to the growing demand for the sport. We are the first to innovate interior games with the use of our dome. As we welcome our clients, they have the luxury of finding our offices, the impact pro-shop, our synthetic playing field, and our playing fields all on one site.

2007 and 2008

The progression of the sport continues. For good control and a faultless customer service, bracelets and barcodes are innovative to continue on the great path we are on. The reality of the equipment used for the playing fields is essential for the evolution of the sport and the quality of the game. The purchase of military machinery is key, to achieve our objective for the years to come. This will allow us to build unimaginable playing fields, like " Le debarquement de Normandie." This playing field is a replica of the french beaches in 1944. "Le nil" is a playing field that resembles a desert, however it has military vehicles and buildings, as well as bomb hole remains.


After our achievements in 2007 and 2008 many playing fields have been improved, by purchasing different military vehicles to decorate our various ''war zones'', however in 2009 all is centered on our  extraordinary customer service. The six neutral zones, which we started building in 2008, have now been completed and are unanimous.

From now on, the player will have access to a various supply of paintballs, compressed air and refreshments all in comfort, sheltered from bad weather. In addition, three of the six neutral zones are permanently linked to our pneumatic air system, which are supplied by our two primary compressors. That being said our goal was to allow our participants to be able to refill their air supply at all times.

As for our three other neutral zones they will offer this service shortly. Our objective is to avoid needless trips back to the primary refill station. For a maximum result from our paintball gun rentals, all while doing our part for the planet, we have changed our air supply from carbon oxide gas (which is harmfull to the environment) to compressed air. This was an enormous investment, however at the end of the line everyone will benefit greatly from it.

2010 to 2012

In 2010 an innovative project was brought to life: ''The Crash''.

This field, inspired by today's video games, has been designed to replicate current military combat scenarios. We may also find some aircrafts that have "crashed" into buildings and containers. There are also control towers, a giant aircraft shelter, military vehicles and underground tunnels.

With 33 existing playing fields, we felt it was time to focus on improving and updating them. Therefore, we started with ''The Dunes'', by adding real aircraft and helicopters, as well as new trenches.
The ''Shack'' was modified next, with the addition of barriers, which now make it more accessible for attacks.
We have also added military vehicles and air crafts, that have strategically been placed in the ''Normandy'', enhancing the quality of strategic play on this field.

In 2010 we reached the 1,000 participants at the Tippmann Challenge. Thanks to this event, where a unique atmosphere is offered, that Paintball Mirabel is recognized worldwide. This event is held over two days, Friday and Saturday. On Friday we offer many individual activities and a comedy show, presented by a recognized comedian. The participants already on site Friday, will have the possibility of camping on site until Saturday, in order to be ready for the event. On Saturday, all participants are divided into two teams who will compete on the 7 million square feet. Throughout the two-day event, more than $ 5,000 in prizes will be distributed.

As the years pass, the more people eagerly await this event, and the Friday before '' Tippmann Challenge" is becoming a ritual for our loyal participants.


With the difficult winter we had, our fields in the forest area have suffered greatly. Fortunately, after two months of hard work, we managed to make them as clean as when they were first designed.

With the vision of improving and updating our existing fields, we started by completely redesigning the '' Vietnam''. It was moved to where the ''Palisades'' once were, seeing as the field has now been relocated.

On this field, more than 30 new Vietnamese-style buildings, ditches, vintage vehicles, a prison, a market, bridges, gateways and an electric generator, all spread across an untouched forest.

''Boisé 2'' has also been improved with the addition of four buses and several metal "bunkers", which increase the level of stress during the game.

In addition, we have updated our air compressors, thereby giving us a total of three compressors.
Four of our neutral zones are also connected directly to the compressors by underground tunnels, which ensure the supply of compressed air to the nearby fields.

Technology is advancing rapidly and we have adapted effortlessly with the design our new website, which now has a more ergonomic interface, including an interactive map of our playing fields.
In addition, our Impact Pro-shop also has a new website, where online transactions are now possible.


It is in 2013 that we began recreating our company's image, starting with the redesigning our field plans as well as our website. Its appeal, now makes it the most visited website, among many paintball centres' in Canada. In addition, we have recently launched a separate website, designed to track the registrations made in advance, for our biggest event, the Tippmann Challenge. On this site, you will find all the information regarding the event and many pictures from the past years. Take a look here.

In February 2014, we created our MK3 military simulation project. This project is led by our Tactical division Chief, here at Paintball Mirabel, whom is also active in the military. With his experience, he has been able to offer 'Milsim' scenarios with realism and intensity, never experienced at Paintball Mirabel in the past. Scenarios offered in real-time, ranging from 4 to 24 hours, were held throughout the 2014 season. Therefore, an interesting future is approaching rapidly, for our MK3 tactical division.

In order to continue modernizing and improving our existing fields, we started by redesigning one of our fields called '' The Bombardment ''. This recreation, will be spread out over several years and will give the field a whole new meaning, therefore, we have renamed it '' Aftermath '. The configuration of the field and its buildings will be similar to what we see, in countries like Saudi Arabia or even Afghanistan. Since 2009, Paintball Mirabel's directors have had project in mind, to design a field resembling a city damaged by strenuous military attacks. We have included: cement structures, sub-fields, bridges, cobbled streets and several vehicles as well as air-crafts, on this field. It will be an attraction for players who appreciate the realism of video games, professionals who are part of police forces, as well as military and security agents who wish to have training sessions as a team, in order to improve their techniques.

Our ''Urban City'', designed in the year 2000, was the first of its kind in Quebec. We are now aware that our facilities must be more sustainable long-term, seeing as in Canada, we face different climatic conditions, which are very demanding for wood structures. That being said, we have started replacing some buildings, deemed too damaged to be repaired. During your next visit, you will surely notice, some new buildings made of cement, offering a more realistic look. For the future, our game plan is to merge our ''Urban City'' and ''Aftermath'', in order to allow scenarios with a longer duration to take place and make your paintball experience even more memorable.

We have come a long way since 1993!

When we think of the first games that took place on our playing fields, while it was in the process of being built but was still highly undevelopped and we look at our playing fields today there is a gigantic difference. Our new computer systems for management of our clientelle, the neutral zones created, the offices and its staff, the indoor playing field, the impact pro-shop and many other aspect... then yes we have come a long way!

All this achievement was born from a very big friendship that became a passion to become our dream. It would have been implausible to throw ourselves in such an adventure, without these three essential things. Here is the recipe to our success!

This dream would not have been possible without you, the players, who have been playing at paintball mirabel since 1993! For those who only came once or those who come back every year, as well as our faithfull members. You are the reason that inspires us to always do better, without counting the ideas you bring and who are to us, priceless.

Our biggest satisfaction is seeing as many smiles and laughs at the end of the day! It is extremely motivational for us. It gives us the will to continue oue excellent work and to offer more to you, future and faithfull clients.

It is for all of the reasons above, that Paintball Mirabel is the #1 paintball theme park in Canada. It is our commitment to continue to be the best and always surpass your expectations!