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What is Milsim?

To have a first look and feel at what Milsim really is, visit this best of Milsim pictures album 2015-2016 taken at Paintball Mirabel

Milsim (military simulations) is the practice of simulated recreational combat scenarios, by reproducing the most realistic conditions.

These events, commonly called "Military Operations," consists of "operators" who gather in organized teams and must complete a mission in a paramilitary style. The operations last an average of six to twelve hours, however, depending on the mission, they may be much longer.

At the end of each military operation, a meeting is held with all of the operators, in order to discuss how the missions unfolded and what updates can be made, to improve the development and evolution of the combat scenarios. The changes made for future events will put the operators in a realistic and immersive environment.

Normally, these events showcase an intervention group commonly called "BLUEFOR" leading the missions and a smaller enemy force, the "OPFOR", whose mission is to prevent the star group from achieving its objectives. In more complex scenarios, you can also find other non-military groups named "COEFOR". These can be made up of civilians, rebels, local police squads and many others.

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Milsim vs Recball

Unlike Recball (recreational paintball), a much higher level of commitment is needed to practice Milsim. In fact, several regulations (different from traditional paintball) are put in place to make every mission as realistic as possible. You will be tested with a limited number of ammunition and you will be guided by superiors (Captains) during your missions to ensure progression. The necessary equipment is also somewhat different. We offer a wide variety of MILSIM equipment on our website and in store. .

If you are hit, a "medic" (military doctor) will be able to heal your ''wounds'' or revive you if you were eliminated so that you can proceed with the mission at hand.

Another difference with recreational paintball is if your marker is hit, you will not be dead. However, it will be considered broken. The two options you will have are, either get out your spare weapon or you may also take the weapon of a participant that has already been eliminated.

In addition, if you are eliminated, you must stay on the ground, until the action takes place in another area or at least 15 minutes have passed. A participant cannot talk once they have been eliminated, but they can still find themselves useful to their teammates. If a fellow soldier needs ammunition, to exchange weapons, refuel their grenade supply. The eliminated soldier may also help their teammates if they need a shield. (With the consent of the soldier).

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Full-Scale, Role-Play!

Have you always wanted to be a sniper or simply know the pressure a "medic" has during a mission? Then, Milsim (Military Simulation) is for you!

When you practice Milsim, you must embody a specific role within a team. It is important to take on the role fully and offer the best performance during the game, in order for all players to enjoy the most realistic and complete experience possible.

Since there is no referee on the fields during these missions, honesty is required and any player not respecting the regulations will be excluded.

You can take on many different roles, such as:

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The basic operators

mislim shooter Shooter: Main member of the base that can perform multiple tasks such as surveillance or assault missions, according to the objectives to be accomplished during the operation.

The advanced operators

mislim medic Medic: The Medic has a first aid kit and is identified by a white armband with a red cross, indicating his position within the team. He has the difficult task of treating the wounded soldiers on the battlefield, by providing second level treatment. Often, there will only be one medic per team, along with eight or ten soldiers. However, this number may vary depending on the scenario. The Medic cannot heal himself.

mislim support Support: The support operator has a marker that has a full automatic setting and can contain a total of 200 rounds in one loader. To add to the realism of the scenario, the operator must be equipped with a machine gun replica or heavy artillery. To counterbalance its firepower, the marker will be bulkier and heavier than the others. There will only be one support operator within a team of eight to ten operators.

mislim sniper Sniper: This role will be assigned to only one player in the group, depending on the scenario. He will be allowed to use a "gillie suit" and other accessories, allowing him to hide in the landscape.

mislim engineer Engineer: This is an additional role that can be played by any player on the team. This specialty allows the use of specific equipment such as rocket launchers, metal detectors, c4 replica paintball mines. The engineer can also plant or defuse any explosive paintball material.

Civil : Civilians are used in some scenarios, in order to increase the realism and immersion of the game. They are not armed, are considered non-hostile and may not be approached. According to the planning of the scenarios, sometimes it may be a disguised operator. In any case, his function and role will be given prior to the start of the mission.

Prisoner: Taking prisoners is a possibility. The prisoner must follow the instructions given. They could be formally interviewed (Please note: Nothing dangerous will take place). Escape will be possible, only if there is no physical connection between him and his questioner. It is also possible for the prisoner to be released by a fellow soldier; however he must already be physically free of his handcuffs or restraints before fleeing.

Non-Playing Person: Since the soldiers want to progress in a universe without referees, some people outside the organization could decide to go into the field, wearing a fluorescent colored vest. They must check the progress and objectives being completed by the soldiers. They may also resolve the problems encountered or even follow the teams to take pictures, as war reporters often do. The person may also remove his fluorescent jacket and integrate into the scenario to play a role.

What is Mk3?

Since April 2013, Mk3 is known to be among-st the most complete Milsim organizations. It was founded in 2007 and is led by Milsim veteran, MERC, who is also active in the military. The Mk3 organization is active throughout the year. It has become a real division and has claimed permanent residency, on the impressive field of Paintball Mirabel.

In addition to hosting big events, held every two or three weeks, Mk3 also offers admission to their tactical combat training school that also offer training sessions that are open to all. These training sessions, called RAVEN OPEN are directed by the one and only Raven Corp.

With an ever-growing demand, Mk3 Milsim constantly pushes the boundaries of simulation and innovates by creating ever more complex and demanding scenarios, by integrating realistic military procedures into the game.