Why become a member of Paintball Mirabel?

The whole time you were exploring our internet site, you may have noticed the wide variety of choices when it comes to the services we offer. Recreational, scenarios, milsim and speedball, all services we offer, make us here at Paintball Mirabel, the most complete paintball centre in Canada. In addition to the quality of our playing fields, the availability of our paintball center, the service is what has made of us, over the last 30 years, the most outstanding in customer service and customer satisfaction. In addition, by becoming a member, you have the right to many rebates, visit our section the advantages of becoming a member of Paintball Mirabel. Every paintball player’s paradise is Paintball Mirabel!

Paintball mirabel members


PBM entrance fee

Entrance fees 17.39$ only for a full day, including unlimited air filling and insurance.

ball prices at PBM

500 paintballs starting at 39.14$ and 2000 paintballs starting at 130.47$.

Paintball mirabel food price

Saint-Hubert meal(Chicken or Salad) with bevrage for only 12.50$.

PBM tickets

Lower subscription fees for events, even free for higher level members!

Paintball Mirabel Tickets

Participate to multiple night games exclusive to members.

Taxes are not included in the prices.


ANNUALPaintball mirabel booking group

  • 150$ per year.
  • 17.39$ entrance fee.
  • 50% off paintballs.
  • Discounts at the Proshop.


  • 99.99$ per year for members.
  • Limited available cards.
  • Free entrance for regular days and evenings, excludes events.

PLATINEPlatine member PBM

  • Obtained after 2 annual membership card renewal.
  • Never pay your annual membership card renewal anymore!

MIRABEL ARMYmirabel army member PBM

  • 149.99$ per year.
  • Mirabel Army personnalized Jersey
  • One private game at the end of the year and one Paintball road trip
  • One patch of Mirabel Army
  • 10 free entrances for you or your guests for 2019 season
Members at PBM

Taxes are not included in the prices.


Paintball Boxing Day Challenge


Boxing Day, held by our Impact Pro-shop, is the event of the year where clients find the best discounts on the purchase of paintball equipment. It’s the best time to get equipped with a new Lapco Paintball Barrel to install on your Tippmann Paintball Marker or change your old mask for a new Dye I4 Paintball Mask, a V-Force Grill ”GI Logo” mask or even a Virtue Vio Paintball Mask. This year, our Paintball Boxing Day will be even more exciting, with the addition of the Boxing Day Challenge, an auction open to all clients on spot.   Itinerary for the Boxing Day event Seeing as last year was a recipe for success, once again this year, three different options will be offered to facilitate your boxing day shopping: – On site as of 7 am on December 26th. This option is ideal, especially if you would like to see what the items look like before purchasing them. You will have priority on the choice of items until noon, by shopping on site, December 26 th. In Addition, we will also be hosting our very own auction, The Boxing Day Challenge, which will be hosted by our finest team of animators. Twenty items from our Impact Pro-Shop will be chosen and sold at our auction and we will also be offering coffee and donuts for our guests! Come and enjoy all we have to offer, in addition to the amazing rebates! – By Phone, toll-free at 1-800-551-5389 as of noon, December 26th. This option allows you to purchase your desired items, from wherever you are! – Online via our website. Our prices have been modified, to match the same rebates offered to clients who shop on site! This option allows you to purchase your desired items, from the comfort of your own home!   GET EQUIPPED LIKE A PRO, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR ACCORD D FINANCING! This year, opt for Accord D financing. Offered to you with three different financing options, ranging from three to twelve months without interest*. See our Accord D financing section now. * Some conditions apply. Contact our Credit Manager at Impact Proshop at 450-660-6687   HERE IS THE ITINERARY FOR THE BOXING DAY EVENT! December 26th : 6:00 am: Distribution of ticket #’s8:00 am: Official opening of the event!8:30 am: Opening of the Boxing day Challenge auction10:00 am: Opening of the impact Proshop (Upstairs)12:00 am: Opening of over the phone purchasing. (1-800-551-5389)12:00 am: Opening of online purchasing.5:00 pm: Closing of day one of the two day boxing day event! December 27th :  9:00 am: Distribution of ticket’s #10:00 am: Opening of the impact Proshop (Upstairs)12:00 am: Opening of over the phone and online purchasing. (1-800-551-5389)20:00 pm: Closing of the Boxing Day event! Visit us on our FACEBOOK page, to get a taste of the specials that will be offered to you ! Items on special Rebates up to 80% off will be offered on paintball equipment sales from many known brands of paintball products such as : Tippmann, BT, Dye Precision, Eclipse, Condor, Milsig, Tactical A1, JT, Sly, Valken, Tru-Spec, GI Sportz, Tactical 82, Proto, Impact Tactical and much more.   In addition, we offer an additionnal 5% discount to the advertised discounts to all our member's! Memberships on sale !!! It's time to save big !! One year memberships will be on sale at 50.00$ + taxes, instead of regular price at 150.00$ + taxes. Platinum memberships will be at 100.00$ + taxes, instead of regular price at 450.00$ + taxes. Once you become a member at Paintball Mirabel, many privileges are offered to you. This is the most in demand product of the year! We would like to take a moment to wish you happy holidays!

This winter, come and play Paintball!


Paintball during the winter season at Paintball Mirabel? Yes it's possible! Did you know our centre is equipped with an indoor playing field that covers over 15,000 square feet? It is equipped with two-storey buildings with bridges connecting each building, ground-level bunkers, storage containers and much more. On this field our animators like to use scenarios found in the most popular video games. From December 1st, 2018 to February 28th, 2019 our team will be glad to welcome you and offer you a unique and memorable experience! Come visit us for an action-filled experience at Paintball Mirabel. On our most beautiful outdoor fields, participants will have the chance to follow trails that are partially cleared or adventure onto more rugged terrain. Thus, offering a completely different gaming experience in a breathtaking setting! Check out our Paintball packages here.   Between December 1st and February 28th 2019, it is also possible to book a Low-Impact Paintball or Mousseball activity. Visit the website for our Mouseball activity here. For all questions regarding the Low-Impact paintball activity, click on the following link. In order to offer you a more complete experience, a reservation must be made 48 hours before the date of the activity and must be completed with a payment for a minimum of 10 participants, to hold your spot. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-551-5389 or by email at contact@paintballmirabel.com  

Mirabel Open, an event for all!


The Mirabel Open is a new concept that was set up in 2009 by our event department. This concept is unique because it offers you the possibility to play on our top 10 fields. Whether you're a beginner at paintball or an experienced player who wants the most realistic experience, our new concept for the “Mirabel Open” events is adapted for all types of players. In addition, during our Mirabel Open events, participants benefit from Paintball Mirabel members' rates for the purchase of paintballs. To create a festive atmosphere throughout the day, we will have a DJ on site to animate the event. He will also be hosting Archery Tag and Mousseball sessions for our young guests, free of charge. For the Speedball enthusiasts, you are welcome to sit and watch the Speedball competition brought to you by our MIPL league. The "Mirabel Open" events are created with a different game layout in order to offer our guests a full day of Paintball with various game scenarios. Here are the four choices of scenarios which you can choose from, at any time during the day: Mission #1: Mirabel Open Choose to take part in a mission on one of the 10 best fields available. From 9am to 4:30pm a new game will begin every 30 minutes, on each field. Mission #2: The Escape of Rebel Leader "WarHead" Will the Rebel army manage to safely escort their leader throughout the war zone? Mission # 2 is an evolving scenario which puts the Rebel Leader "WarHead" in the spotlight as the main actor for each mission throughout the day. Players must meet at the following fields if they wish to play a part in the outcome of this story: 9:30am Crash – 10:30am The City – 11:30am Dunes – 2pm Vietnam – 3pm Shack - 4pm Battle of Normandy.Only the 60 first soldiers to arrive at each of the fields before a mission will be able to participate in this scenario. Mission #3: Operation Red Star Will the overthrown President Anh Dũng be able to take back control of his small Vietnamese Village from the Dictator Phương Nam?Mission #3 is a 'Sudden Death' scenario that will last 90 minutes. It is a large scale scenario which you can play a part in determining the outcome! Will you choose to liberate the village or reinforce the army of the Dictator Phương Nam? Only the 120 first soldiers to present themselves at the rendezvous point (crashed helicopter near the dome) at 9:45 am will be able to participate in this mission which will take place in the Vietnam and it’s surrounding fields. Mission #4: Operation Phoenix Will you help Secret Services capture the fugitive and his supporters, who have a device in their possession that can destroy the private life of all of earth's inhabitants? Mission #4 is a 'Sudden Death' scenario that will last 90 minutes. It is a large scale scenario which you can play a part in determining the outcome! Only the 120 first soldiers to present themselves at the rendezvous point (crashed helicopter near the dome) at 1:15pm will be able to participate in this mission that will take place in the Castle and surrounding fields. Maximize your experience throughout the "Mirabel Open"