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Come play on the most advanced and largest paintball field in North America. Discover more than 30 different maps, divided in 7 theme zones.


PBM best paintball in canada
Canadian Largest paintball fields
Best paintball fields North America
Paintball Mirabel Fields
Biggest Canadian paintball Fields

Live an adventure through 33 themed playgrounds

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fortress paintball field
plane crash paintball field
castle paintball field
vietnam paintball field

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The best field to play paintball

Long grass, houses on stilts, crashed planes, fortresses with high towers, abandoned buses in the woods and ghost towns, you will find them all on our thematic fields worthy of the most memorable battlefields. Relive the Normandy landings or Vietnam ambushes, close urban combat or desert strikes with sand dunes.

Mix a perfect organization and breathtaking battlefields for guaranteed fun games and memorable days with family or friends that you'll want to relive and relive endlessly.

Play paintball all year long!

Do not end your season in fall and show us what you are made of! Indoor paintball fields are not the only way for you to play paintball all year round. Thanks to our geographical location and our unique facilities, we are among the only ones able to offer you a quality outdoor winter paintball. Our refueling stations and resting areas are sheltered from bad weather and allow to play winter paintball for a long time without having to return to the base camp between games.

In addition, twice per winter, you can satisfy your desire to play in large numbers with the Siberia Challenge. This event brings together winter paintball enthusiasts for a Siberian-style battle scenario through trails and snow-based fortifications. Not only do we have the ideal place to welcome you, but we are equipped to make you live the dream scenario, come play in the snow with us!

With 7 different themes on 33 fields in addition to a three level indoor paintball map, you'll have an experience unmatched by any other recreational center in Canada. Hideouts, elaborate surprise attacks and secret passages, occasions to sneak behind enemy lines are endless.


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Discover the story that lead Paintball Mirabel to become the #1 paintball center in North America and all the innovation we went throught to make our fild better and better every year.

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Once you get to Paintball Mirabel, no need to leave during the day, we have everything for you so you can spend more time playing!

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