Paintball Mirabel FAQ

Is paintball dangerous?

Not much more dangerous than any other sport, if the rules of the game are respected.

For example: playing without a protective mask in paintball and the same in hockey, it may cause injuries to the eyes. However, we have a responsibility insurance for each participant.

Do the paintballs sting when they hit you?

Many things are to be taken into consideration when answering :

#1- Shooting from too close. The paintballs will sting, however if you respect the rules of the game, the paintballs that hit you from a reasonable distance almost don't sting at all.

#2- Adjusting your paintgun. One rule must be respected, the paintguns must not surpass the 280 feet per second ratio. All paintguns must be inspected before starting the game. Without this inspection, there is a possibility that the paintballs recieved will sting.

#3- The quality of the paintballs. Many paintball centers sell low quality paintballs. The low quality paintballs are very hard and sting, therefore for your safety, we buy the best quality of paintballs on the market today.

#4- The freshness of the paintballs. It is important that the paintballs be sold quickly after they are manufactured. When the paintballs are less dry, they sting less therefore it is preferable to play at a paintball center where there is a lot of clientele, where paintballs run out quickly, and where there is always fresh paintballs on the shelves, like here at Paintball Mirabel. We welcome more than 1000 clients per weekend for some periods during the year.

In conclusion, the paintballs used here at Paintball Mirabel are ideal because the four safety factors are respected so the chance of the paintballs stinging is low.

Why is there an obligation for parental authorization if the game is not dangerous?

Parental authorization is needed not for the reason of danger but because our insurance policies require that we have it. We also use the parental authorization form so you, as a parent, can set up a fixed budget for your child. Here at Paintball Mirabel, we allow our players to pay for the paintballs they purchase at the end of their day, therefore the parents who want to set a fixed budget for their child to spend may do so by indicating it on their authorization form.

PDF: Parental Authorization

What are the advantages of playing at Paintball Mirabel?

Polite and exceptional customer service, all while being close to large urban centres. We are only 20 minutes from the heart of Montreal. THERE ARE NUMEROUS GROUP ACTIVITIES AVAILABLE FOR ALL AGES

  • The best quality/price ratio
  • High quality equipment for rent
  • Good service and strictly enforced security measures. Two referees will lead scenarios and follow your group from beginning to end.
  • We have packages for all types of players and budgets. (half-day, athletics, evening, nights, or a full day package.)
  • 33 mindblowing playing fields
  • Highly safe neutral zones with complete service offered.
  • Qualified referees will create scenarios for your group.
  • Bus transport available
  • Rebate coupons and bonuses for the organisers.
  • Chest protectors offered free of charge for women and children.


If I have all my own equipment, is it the same price?

Yes, it is the same. Moreover, if you experience any difficulty with your equipment, you still can use the equipment included with your Day Pass. For more information on prices, visit the pricing page.

Another option to save is you can become a member of Paintball Mirabel. Your entrance fee would then be reduced and you benefit from 50% off of paintballs.

How many players do we have to be to play a private game?

Here at Paintball Mirabel, to be considered a private group and obtain 2 monitors:

  • During the week: 12+
  • Saturday: 20+
  • Sunday: 15+

Does the paint stain?

No, because the paint inside the paintball is made of vegetable oil and food coloring, and the shell that holds the paint is biodegradable.

What do I have to wear?

You should wear loose fitting clothing, no jeans, and boots that support your ankles or good running shoes. Also, please bring a raincoat and a change of clothes in case it rains. You can also ask for army overalls rental if you prefer to not get dirty!

What is the minimum age requirement to play paintball?

10 years of age and up. The players between the ages of 10-12 must be accompanied by a parent. In addition, all players under 18 years of age must have a parental authorization form signed to be allowed to play.

How many paintballs will we need for the game ?

All depending on your budget and the game style you prefer, we calculate that most players shoot an average of 100 paintballs per hour. On the other hand, some players reach an average of 200 paintballs per hour.

What happens when we are eliminated?

After your elimination, you must return to a neutral zone and wait for the rest of the match to end. However, we must specify that you will play at least 2 games an hour which looks like 6 to 9 games on a half-day or evening and at least 12 games on a full day.