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When can you use the Bonus Card?

It is possible to use the Bonus Card the same day or during a future visit. This card has a cash value which can be exchanged for items and services offered at our recreational centre: Paintball Mirabel.

Terms and conditions to this promotional offer:
  1. A bonus card is given to the organizer of the group, once he has made the payment for a minimum of 10 access passes, for the full day package at a non-member's rate, 48 hours before the scheduled event date.
  2. The percentage given on the organizer's bonus card is determined, by the number of access passes purchased, within the respective time delay.
  3. The value, converted into a cash value* on the organizer's bonus card, will be determined by the amount of access passes bought, within the respective time delay and by the total summary before taxes of the purchases made, by all the participants in the organizer's group the day of the event.
  4. During the day of the event, the organizer of the group is entitled to a maximum of one cash value* converted onto his/her bonus card, during the day of his/her event day.
  5. This offer is a reward. Therefore, it cannot be applied as a reduction or a rebate on the total summary before taxes of your group's purchases, used to calculate the amount given as a cash value*, then converted onto the organizer's bonus card the day of the event.
  6. The cash value* converted onto the organizer's bonus card for the purchase of items and services, offered by our recreational centre, Paintball Mirabel, cannot be exchanged, transferred or converted into cash.
  7. The items and services belonging to Paintball Mirabel, that an organizer offers to himself or partipants in the group, with his/her bonus card, must be used according to the status of the user : member or non-member.
  8. This offer is valid, solely for full day access passes purchased in advance.
  9. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion.
  10. The Bonus card is valid for a period of 18 months, following the date it was given to the organizer.

* Cash value: The rewards are converted onto a bonus card, with a cash value exchangeable only for items or services offered by our recreational centre, Paintball Mirabel. This offer is not applicable on the products sold by our Impact Proshop. The cash value is applicable on the total amount of the summary (invoice).

Contact one of our sales representatives for more details on this promotion.