Hosting your Bachelor Party at Paintball Mirabel


A bachelor party is a unique moment and since this is a once in a lifetime event, you must make sure that everything is in place so that the groom remembers that day as a unique experience.

bachelor party outfit

Over the past few years, we have hosted many bachelor parties at Paintball Mirabel. With our knowledge on the subject, we decided to write a small article to summarize what the perfect organizer must do to make the groom’s event a success.

First of all, as it is a rite of passage filled with traditions and clichés meant to remain in the greatest memories of the future groom, remember that this day must be filled with unexpected events and surprises.

The main purpose of a bachelor party is to turn the page on his life of celibacy and memories of his youth. Moreover, it is a matter of enjoying a last moment with his friends before building a life with the woman he chose.

As an organizer, your role will be to plan, support and accompany future groom during this epic adventure. Here's how you will succeed in planning a perfect bachelor party that will live up to the expectations of this celebration.

How to Succeed in planning a Bachelor Party

A bachelor party has become a must! Are you a friend, brother or family member of the future groom? Have you received the important yet stressful task of organizing his bachelor party, an event that he will remember for the rest of his life?

You will have to plan everything: The guests to be invited, the activities, the budget, the location, the duration of the event and above all, the disguises. Lastly, you must not forget that in general, a bachelor party consists of the future groom completing ridiculous missions he wouldn’t normally do.

bachelor paintball group

First, do not tell him what you have planned. Simply ask him to meet up with you. Once he does, he will have no choice but to let you dress him in a ridiculous costume and bring him to a secret location while blindfolded. Now is the time to get creative, pink rabbit suits and babies in diapers are not considered original disguises, let your imagination flow free.

Once you have dressed your bachelor and he is ready for the adventure, cover his eyes and ears so he has no idea what is happening and bring him to Paintball Mirabel! Along the way and once you have arrived at your destination, take a few photos while he has no idea and is still blindfolded. These photos will be an excellent memory of his unique bachelor party.

bachelor party at paintball

As soon as your group is dressed and ready to play, we take over! Our animators regularly host events of this type. Therefore, they will adapt the game scenarios perfectly to make the bride or groom at the bachelor party complete certain missions, which are rarely to the benefit of the celebrated but will most definitely be memorable. In most cases, the bride or groom end up filled with paint from head to toe.

bachelor playing paintball

When you have finished the paintball activity, we invite you to relax on our terrace and share a drink with your group and our animators, this is often a good time to look at the pictures taken so far.

If you have a special request or an original idea and would like to know if it would be possible to do, don't hesitate to ask us! For example: Arriving by helicopter or even parachuting in? Do contact us to let us know and we will determine if we are able to make it possible

bachelor paintball groupbachelor playing paintballbachelor party at paintball