Aftermath's Union

Union PBM team Union team PBM
PBM heroe team Hero team at PBM
Pbm Event good guys Good guys at PBM event
Union team Paintball mirabel paintball mirabel union team
event good guys Paintball mirabel Paintball Mirabel event good guys
paintball mirabel hero team Hero team at paintball mirabel
Hollywood hero team Paintball hollywood hero team
commando union team Union team commando

The Commando division of the Union Army, lead by captain Sokar, is an elite force used in special missions. Experts in infiltration and dangerous missions, the Commando division is impressive despite its small size.

pbm beta union team Beta crew of the Union

Bravo company, lead by captain Papa Mike, is formed by new voluntary recruits, who are highly motivated to prove themselves on the battlefield. Since the conflict began, the company has participated in intensive training and is looking forward to it's first mission.

charlie union team pbm Charlie division union team

Charlie company, lead by captain War Hammer, belonging to the Union Army, is used as a front line. It is at the centre of its army and is used to break the enemy lines, by combining its discipline and firepower, while in combat they are the first to enter the combat zone and the last to leave.

union general jobin General Jobin hollywood

hollywood jobin union

pbm alpha team Alpha team of the Union

Alpha company, lead by captain Alpha-K, is composed of General Jobin's former guards and faithful and experienced troops, fighting under his command for years. This company of veterans is recognized for its experience and its reliability in the field, never giving an inch to the enemy.

pbm echo team Echo team of the union

Echo COMPANY: The Echo company, lead by captain Lady Nightmare, is an assault unit who's area of expertise is bypass maneuvers. The troops of this company, use each breach to clear a path and take the enemy by surprise, using fast and violent attacks.

pbm delta team Delta division of the Union

The Delta company, lead by captain Slyminator, is equipped with heavy artillery and provides support for the Union Army. Its troops have weapons equipped to offer fast pace shooting and they also carry the largest amount of ammunition than any other divisions in this the army. Their specialty is relentless quick shooting, intended to shake even the toughest of enemies.