Aftermath's Rebels

PBM rebel force Resistance force of PBM event
rebel force of PBM event PBM events Bad guys
Rebel resistance paintball Bad guys of PBM
Aftermath rebel Rebel bad guys aftermath PBM
Event aftermath bad guys Paintball Mirabel Rebel Bad guys
Rebel resistance of Paintball Mirabel Rebel team
Paintball Mirabel Rebel team Team rebel PBM
pbm rangers rangers team rebel

The Rangers, lead by captain J-Snake, are an elite force used in the context of special missions. Experts in infiltration and dangerous missions, they are impressive despite their small size.

pbm spearhead spearhead team rebel

The Spearhead company, lead by captain Nemesis, is used to destroy enemy lines. It is positioned strategically and has an important strike force. Composed of troops with vast experience, having served on several fronts, the spearhead company is the core of the Rebels army.

pbm chaos chaos rebel team

Soldiers of the Chaos company, lead by captain The Iceman, support the Rebel's army. Its members use automatic weapons and a large quantity of ammunition. The troops of the Chaos company are trigger happy and fire in all directions.

rebel general chapman Chapman

red general rebel

red devil rebel team pbm red devil

The Red Devils company, lead by captain Cap Hood, is composed of experienced troops and veterans who served for several years, hardened by years of fighting in the ranks of the Eastern Army, before unification. The Red Devils then joined the Rebels army, to take revenge on Jobin and his men.

kamikaze rebel team rebel kamikaze

The Kamikaze company, lead by captain B-Hawk, is a group known for their fast attacks, taking advantage of loopholes in their enemy's positions. Their maneuvers are always very offensive and are intended to surprise the enemy by attacking at their back side.

bastard rebel team Bastard crew rebel team

The Batards company, lead by captain Minguy, is composed of recruits with passion and an iron will. It is motivated when taking up arms and overthrowing the Union at all costs.