Best of Paintball pictures

Paintball fever rising

Need motivation? With the return of the paintball season and with the nice weather taking part in the game, you keep thinking about the field! You miss the smell of paint that hovers over the parking as much as that dynamic energy and complicity of our staff that you can feel upon arriving at Paintball Mirabel? You constantly clean your marker and your equipment while imagining yourself in the action with your friends? It really is time that you come back for a day at PBM.

Admit it, your girlfriend has already caught you doing siesta with your marker. A quick diagnosis from one of our experts would confirm that indeed, you are reaching a high level of paintball fever!

This is a rather serious situation to which there is only one effective remedy for an absolute relief and peace of mind: come spend all that energy and channel it into pure adrenaline on the field, you will feel much better afterwards!

Every weekend and every event over the last two years have been the scene of several incomparable scenarios all leading to epic scenes and undeniable fun.

In order to facilitate your research and to motivate you decision to return and LIVE THE PAINTBALL MIRABEL EXPERIENCE as soon as possible, we selected the best photos taken at your favorite paintball center for the season 2015 and beginning of 2016.

Our photographers have outdone themselves immortalizing memorable images day after day. Every great happening was captured in photo and selected to deliver a selection of our own, inspired by our passion for paintball .

Note that the choices were very difficult and each unselected picture deserved its place among the top.

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