The Best paintball fields in North America

What makes us the best of the best?

«This is really cool I’ve never seen that to another fields I’ve been.»
—Mr. H

Did you know that Paintball Mirabel is the best paintball field in North America? No? …Well, then, chances are you didn’t know either that our centre is located only 25 minutes from Montreal, Canada? You might wonder what is it that makes us the best?

It is our 7 million feet2 that makes us one of the biggest paintball playgrounds ever created and give us enough space to push back limits of innovation and achievable.

To this wide ground, imagine the addition of an incredible team of dynamic paintball enthusiasm staff members… This is how we ended up with winning assets and became the best of the best!

Did you know that we host one of the most important paintball events worldwide? About 1500 players come every year from everywhere in the world to be part of our legendary big game: the Tippmann Challenge.

This year, we had the chance to have Mark Kressin aka Mr. H from HK ARMY with us and here is what he said about his experience at Paintball Mirabel.

«About 1200 players here it’s crazy, this is awesome!»
— Mr.H
«I’m not gonna lie to you, like I said I thought SC village was good, I thought CPX was good but THIS takes the cake!»

“Check out my first time in Canada hanging out with the crew at Paintball Mirabel”

«This is gonna be a blast! … Let’s rock and roll!»
—Mr. H

An insane paintball experience

Come and live The Paintball Mirabel Experience where you can play on up to 27 totally awesome-looking maps which can also be merged into one enormous paintball field perfectly adapt for any big game.

For more information, check out our Big Game Events

Have you ever wanted to play and recreate some in-game memorable historical context such as the Normandy landings? How about a battle in the Vietnam jungle? Well now you CAN because our paintball centre has it all! Enjoy a variety of settings including woodland simulation, desert, urban or crash site operation and recreate scenarios playing in a little Vietnam village with numerous houses on piles. You can even try to attack or defend castle sieges… Amazing, right?

Not immersive enough? Our weather allows the experience of paintball in the snow! Come to one of our big games hosts every year: The Siberie Challenge or book a paintball day to play with your friends, family and co-worker at any moments of the year. Also available to you is our in-door paintball field which can be useful when our Canadian weather turns extreme... just kidding... the weather isn’t that bad over here!

To make sure you won't miss a thing during your next trip in Montreal, here is a list of our Must-Play-Paintball-Fields where you will live the best paintball experience ever!

5 of Paintball Mirabel top’s paintball fields where you must play

  1. The landing: Totally rebuild in 2016, this playground is just insanely fun to play. You can fight in a large open area or you can hide in the trench on a cliff along with a plane, boats and trucks. If you are daring enough, you can even hide and flank the enemy without being spotted in a creek found on this playground.
  2. The crash: One of the coolest paintball field ever built: It’s a factory surrounded by a few planes crashed and their fragments lying everywhere. On this land, you will also find access to two real sniper towers providing a great overview of the ground. This setting makes possible a great variety of scenarios playable in a Milsim setting just as well as in a Recball one. This map cannot be overlooked: it is unquestionably worth the candle.
  3. The shack: Imagine yourself stuck in a little house where you must hold it against a fierce enemy hiding in deep grass field. That is exactly what the shack is, usually teams start from both sides of the map and the first to capture the house has the advantage over the other team. But it can also be played with a small number of people holding the inside and the largest army outside trying to infiltrate the house.
  4. The Dunes: Created in 2000 and revamp in 2012 with new light systems, real choppers and planes, the playground is capable of an aggressive fight: up to 60 players can battle through the Dunes. The main attraction is the height difference of the field preventing players from seeing enemies on the field.
  5. The Fort: This playground is extremely realistic. The environment brings people back to the medieval time due to the bridges surrounding the castle. 60 players can easily battle on this one. Secrets path and entrance are to be found by the brave who will get to them before being hit.

Maybe you are too far to enjoy our fields…So, Here’s others awesome paintball fields from all around the world:

We know that we set the bar high due to all the hard work we kept doing every year since the opening of the site, but on top of all that, we couldn’t realize it without our staff dedication and passion about the sport who can contagiously transmit that to their customers.

However, at the end of the day, the player is always the motivation beneath our accomplishments. You probably already tried our Paintball Centre… If not, what are you waiting for?

Now, we would like to share with you some of the most incredible must-see paintball fields from all around the world. All of them should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Bawtry paintball field

A638 Grande route du Nord Bawtry, DN10 6DF phone : 01302 868 841

Bawtry paintball field is much more than just a paintball field: It is entertainment for the whole family! At 6 years old only, one can play laser tag and the junior archery. At 11 years old it become possible to take an hour of training for knife and tomahawk’s axe throwing.

Here what it looks like:

bawtry paintball field

Crazy scenario field (CPX)

2903 Schweitzer Rd, Joliet, ILLINOIS +1 815-726-2800

Open since 2000, CPX paintball is the home of the legendary living legend paintball big game, one of the most notorious paintball events in the World of Paintball. It’s playing field range from Jungle (Jungle of DOOM), a field filled with wrecked cars (Wasteland) and these guys have even created the whole town of bedlam from scratch and build a ruined arena based on a Warhammer 40,000 bunker.

Sneak peak of the field:

crazy paintball scenario

Hot Shot Paintball

895 Granite Road, Anakie Australie + (03) 5284 1191

Aussies are not only known for Mad Max, Crocodile hunter and their strong Australian accent, they also have a nice paintball field. From an awesome Pyramid with a big Sphinx to an old Western Town along with the Medieval and Modern village, you will find everything needed for a perfect paintball day. They also have lots of scenarios at your disposal for experts and beginners. There are no doubts: Everyone is assured to find something to suit their taste!

Take a look and see for yourself… We bet you will want to travel there!

hot shot paintball field