Best milsim pictures


It is important to be able to withstand the pressure of the enemy forces while maintaining his composure, all this means you need to be armed with unwavering patience. An assessment of its environment and a quick adaptation to all kinds of different situations are necessary if you want to survive in this jungle where the law of the strongest is applied.

Constantly put to the test through many obstacles such as bad weather, exhaustion, mud or darkness, nothing stops a Milsims player.

They are the most intense and passionate in the world regarding the reproduction and simulation of military scenarios. Ready to face any enemy, they all play a defined role within a well-organized team. Well-orchestrated strategies, good communication and exceptional team spirit are the keys to a well-executed operation.

Whether it's a zombie invasion, a hostage-taking or a siege, Milsims allows you to experience a total immersion of Paintball and/or airsoft by reproducing as faithfully as possible situations where you will have to surpass yourself at every moment. You will have to act in unison with your squad members in order for your tactics to work if you want to prevail over your rivals.

You've always wanted to be a sniper, an engineer, a nurse or just a foot soldier, do not hesitate and come LIVE THE PAINTBALL MIRABEL EXPERIENCE and join the ranks of a Milsim group to fulfill your role and succeed in your mission.

We've made a compilation for you of the best pictures of Milsims taken in action during all kinds of events that were held throughout the 2015-2016 season at Paintball Mirabel.

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