Low impact

painless low impact paintball


The smaller caliber paintballs allow you to play with kids safely:

  • Painless
  • Lower velocity
  • Lesser impact
  • Lighter equipment
  • Enjoyable for 8 to 13 and parents
low impact paintball for familly

less impact
twice the fun

Discover a new Paintball activity with Low Impact Paintball. Throughout our realistic playing fields, our animators will guide you into a world of action and challenges in which you and kids will burn a great deal of physical energy.

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paintball ideal for sport teams

ideal for
sports teams

Perfect for new players, Low Impact Paintball offers a new and more accessible way to practice Paintball. This concept is unique in Quebec and is practiced with the same conditions as our Paintball activity. Paintballing is a great way to bring sports teams together. It builds chemistry and strengthens the bond between teammates.

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paintball for kids birthday

celebrate your
child's birthday

The equipment used, makes Low Impact Paintball a more accessible activity for participants that are new to the sport of paintball. The paint balls are almost two times smaller than those used in regular Paintball. In addition to using lighter equipment, these paint balls have a smaller impact on the participant, seeing as it travels at 150 feet per second instead of 280 feet per second. This aspect is greatly appreciated by new players, especially the younger ones!

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low impact paintball
paintball for kids
paintball with familly
low impact paintball pass SCOUT'S PACKAGE


44.99$+taxes per participant


  • 200 low impact paintballs
  • 2 hours of game time
  • Semi-Automatic Marker
  • Mask
  • Compressed Air Tank
  • Unlimited refills of the compressed air tank
  • Protective chestplate
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low impact paintball package GENERAL'S PACKAGE


64.99$+taxes per participant


  • 500 low impact paintballs
  • 4 hours of game time
  • Semi-Automatic Marker
  • Mask
  • Compressed Air Tank
  • Unlimited refills of the compressed air tank
  • Protective chestplate
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Buy more Ammunition (Low Impact paintballs)

  • 50 low impact paintballs: 7,99$ + tx
  • 100 low impact paintballs: 13,05$ + tx
  • 500 low impact paintballs: 59,99$ + tx
  • Case of 2000 low impact paintballs: 199.99$ + tx


  • Only players using low impact equipment are accepted into low impact paintball groups (No standard caliber paintball equipment can be used)
  • Low Impact Paintball is played in the Alpha, Bravo and Echo zones (Consisting of 14 playgrounds)
  • Groups of less than 20 participants are mixed into other groups, in order to maximize your experience
  • Once your game time is up, you can purchase a Scout’s package or a General’s package so that you can continue playing for an additional two or four hours
  • We accept participants who have their own equipment, however they must follow our terms of use
Whether you are alone or in a group, Low Impact Paintball is the ideal concept to learn Paintball
  • Reservation and full payment required for each participant, 48 hours before the scheduled activity.
  • A private group must be composed of minimum 20 participants, who have paid their package 48 hours before the scheduled activity.*
  • The participants must be minimum 8 Years of age
  • Parental authorization must be completed by each parent for all participants less than 18 years of age. Form available here
  • Your group must arrive one hour before the scheduled event, in order to complete the preparation process and receive the security briefing given by our animators.
  • *All payments made in advance are non-refundable.

*Taxes are not included in the prices.
All prices may change without notice.

Our Services
  • Restaurant (Available for a minimum amount of participants)
  • Lockers
  • Changing rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Bus service available
  • Proshop on spot
paintball for sports teams
low impact paintball
Burst Smoke grenade
paintball for kids
EG18X Smoke grenade