Walk-on Thursday


Would you like to organize a game during a weekday? Our Thursday's are open to all players, from 10 am to 5 pm all summer long!

Whether you are alone, in a group, fully equipped or even members of our centre, Thursdays are the ideal day to play on our most popular fields! Our team of professional animators will make sure you live the Paintball Mirabel experience!

For our Thursday Opens, you will have the opportunity of experience many different scenarios during your visit. In addition, the animators from our tactical division will be here to make the scenarios even more realistic.

Furthermore, for our Thursday special, the access passes are reduced by 50% on the regular price therefore, the PPJ access pass will be 18.99$ + taxes and the half day PPDJ access pass will be 13.99$ + taxes.

To avoid being charged additional fees on the price of the entrance, it is preferable to make the payment for your access pass a minimum of 24 hours before the game date.

This offer is valid all thursday until August 24th 2017.

Have a great season !