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For the team here, at Paintball Mirabel, we make your experience a priority. Whether it is your first phone call for information, up until you leave our theme park, our mission is to make sure your experience is forever engraved in your memory and when you think Paintball in the future, your smile will light up while you remember your unforgettable event, here at Paintball Mirabel.

As our reputation is based mostly around our customer service, it is extremely vital for us to always aim higher in order to facilitate your task in planning your paintball event. We are pleased to present our new Paintball Mirabel virtual boutique, which will be available for online purchases for events, gift certificates and many other promotional items.

In conclusion, we always work towards improving our company structure by introducing new technology, in order to make the inscription process as simple and easy possible because in our opinion, paintball is played on a field and not by filling out incomprehensible paper work. Without further wait, we are pleased to present and see you visit our online store for everything paintball by clicking on the following link Virtual Paintball Mirabel store.

We would like to wish you a great 2014 season.