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Come play on the most advanced and largest paintball field in Canada. Discover more than 30 different maps, divided in 7 themed zones that will surely suit everyone

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2017 new activities

At PBM center, we are constantly trying to innovate new things, make our field even better years after years. But this time we add new activities to do with your entire family.

Bow and arrow tag

We offer a different dynamic by combining strategy and physical activity with the challenges we face when playing Paintball, Tag, Dodge Ball as well as, Archery Combats; commonly called Bow and arrow tag. You will have to complete various playing fields at Paintball Mirabel, all while having your bow and foam tip arrows in hand!

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Paintball Adventure

Discover a new Paintball activity with Paintball Adventure. Throughout our realistic playing fields, our animators will guide you into a world of action and challenges in which you will burn a great deal of physical energy.

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Your little ones can now benefit from the MousseBall activity, offered by Paintball Mirabel. Let them experience a MousseBall game played on one of Paintball Mirabel’s larger-than-life fields.

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Are you ready to walk in the shoes of a hero for the duration of a mission? Want to experience realistic war reproductions or military scenarios? Get closer to reality, experience all this and more with our Airsoft division!

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Impact Proshop

Impact Proshop is the core of a community of recreational paintball, airsoft players, milsim enthusiasts and a league of Speedball known in Canada as the MIPL. The technicians-advisers of our shop will be able to advise you, repair your equipment and frankly, allow you to fully enjoy your day at the center.

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