Tippmann Challenge check list


On the road towards our Tippmann Challenge at Paintball Mirabel in the Montreal area: How to prepare. Paintball and Camping: In order to fully enjoy all the activities of the Tippmann Challenge, many participants arrive on site as of Thursday evening to set up camp. Camping is included in the price of your registration to the event. Below you will find a list of tips and equipment we suggest, in order to enhance your experience: Bring a tent and waterproof shield to cover the tent For the owners of motor homes, it is possible to arrive earlier during the week in order to set up and reserve your spot. (First come first served) Bring towels, our outdoor showers will be at your disposal. Prepare the necessary ingredients for your meals, including a mobile cooking device for your food. Please note that our Snack Bar is open on Friday. Prepare bug spray and sun screen. Bring flashlights and/or head lamps. On site we will have the necessary equipment to start a fire. Bring water bottles. Bring camping chairs for the Friday night’s show. Bring a lock for the lockers at your disposal, if you choose to store your valuable items. (Limited quantity of lockers available) Electricity will not be provided on the camping sites; however personal generators will be accepted. The camping grounds available are as follows; P2 Parking will be the campground with a 12:00pm curfew. P3 Parking will be the campground without a curfew. **There will also be a shuttle service available between 6 am and 11 pm. Please note that only alcohol sold at our snack bar and consumed on our terrace is accepted. Any other alcohol and / or drugs are prohibited on the site. All those who do not respect this request will be asked to leave the site. Your Paintball Equipment: We strongly suggest that all participants prepare their paintball equipment a minimum of seven days before the event, by making an appointment at the nearest Pro-Shop to your home. Here are a few things we suggest you double-check is fully functional on your equipment if you should decide to check it yourself: - If your paintball marker is electronic, prepare extra batteries. - If your mask is damaged or scratched, we strongly suggest buying an extra lens. - Be sure to have a mask that is compliant to the rules that have been set by our management staff. - Be sure to have microfiber cloths to clean the lens on your paintball mask. - Be sure to have an air tank that is adequate and can supply air to your marker. - For a quick tune up on your marker, be sure to have the necessary grease and lubricants available. - To ensure the maximum performance and precision of your barrel, make sure to have a barrel maid handy at all times.                   - Only barrel plugs made of fabric or plastic and are connected to your marker by an elastic band, will be accepted on our fields. All barrel plugs must be approved by our management staff.   - Be sure to bring a camouflage suit that is breathable. - Be sure to bring boots or shoes that have good support for your ankles. - Packing extra batteries for your communication devices is highly recommended - Be sure to have extra batteries for all devices such as ‘’Scopes’’ ‘’ Red Dots’’ ‘’Holosights’’ and ‘’lasers’’. Please note that only the Paint balls, grenades and smoke bombs bought directly at Paintball Mirabel will be accepted on our fields. Inscriptions: In order to avoid long lineups on Saturday morning, you may register on spot from 11 am until 8 pm, on Friday August 12th 2016. For all participants who have not registered or reserved their spot in advance, you will only have access to two registration counters out of ten available. Please note that the first 100 participants that register upon arrival on site on Friday August 12th will receive an item bearing the crest of this year’s event. Please note, the earlier your registration is made online, the more you save on the entrance fee!

Mirabel Open, an event for all!


The Mirabel Open is a concept adopted in 2009. It is a unique concept because it allows you to play on our top 10 fields. Whether you are initiating yourself to paintball or if you are an experienced player searching for an immersive and unique experience, the "Mirabel Open" is for all types of players. Since 2014 we have changed the formula of the "Mirabel Open" in order to offer a non-stop action day. Here are the four scenario choices which players can choose to participate in during the day: Mission #1: Mirabel OpenChoose to take part in a mission on one of the 10 best fields available from 9am to 4:30pm. Every 30 minutes a new game will start on each field throughout the day. Mission #2: The Escape of Rebel Leader "WarHead"Will the Rebel army manage to safely escort their leader throughout the war?Mission # 2 is an evolving scenario which puts the Rebel Leader "WarHead" in the spotlight as the main actor for each mission throughout the day. Players must meet at the following fields if they wish to play a part in the outcome of this story:9:30am Crash – 10:30am The City – 11:30am Dunes – 2pm Vietnam – 3pm Shack - 4pm Battle of NormandyOnly the 60 first soldiers to arrive at each of the fields before a mission will be able to participate in this scenario. Mission #3: Operation Red StarWill the overthrown president Anh Dũng be able to take back control of his small Vietnamese Village from the Dictator Phương Nam?Mission #3 is a 'Sudden Death' scenario that will last 90 minutes. It is a large scale scenario which you can play a part in determining the outcome! Will you choose to liberate the village or reinforce the army of the Dictator Phương Nam? Only the 120 first soldiers to present themselves at the rendevous point (crashed helicopter near Dome) at 9:45 am will be able to participate in this mission which will take place in the Vietnam and surrounding fields. Mission #4: Operation Phoenix Will you help Secret Services capture the fugitive and his supporters who have in their possession a device that can destroy the private life of all of earth's inhabitants?Mission #4 is a 'Sudden Death' scenario that will last 90 minutes. It is a large scale scenario which you can play a part in determining the outcome! Only the 120 first soldiers to present themselves at the rendevous point (crashed helicopter near Dome) at 1:15pm will be able to participate in this mission which will take place in the Castle and surrounding fields. Maximize your experience throughout the "Mirabel Open" 


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